Friday, 7 November 2014


We had so much fun this morning talking about our fossils that we made and remembering where fossils came from, how dinosaurs could become them, and who discovers them.
Our clay fossils are dry.  They look really cool.

Look at all the things we know about Paleontologists...
We even had a chance to be Paleontologists ourselves. Mrs P gave us a chocolate chip cookie each, and some 'tools' (a knife and a sharp stick). Very carefully, we worked away at revealing the chocolate chips hidden in the bikkie.  It was like finding fossils inside rocks.  We realised quite soon that we needed to be very careful, else we could break the chocolate chips inside.  If this was a real fossil, it would be such a loss to damage it.  

Check out our Dinosaur World ... it's growing (along with our knowledge of dinosaurs and fossils):

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