Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dinosaur Stomping...

We love rocking out to this awesome song by Dan and Dani....


  1. Dear E7
    I like the plastic dinosaurs. I think they look beautiful.
    It reminded me that last year our class learned about dinosaurs too. I have a dinosaur fossil, but unfortunately I lost it. My favourite dinosaur is a T-Rex.
    Did you know, a lizard is a dinosaur?
    How did you make the volcano?
    Have you watched 'Walking with Dinosaurs'?
    What's you favourite dinosaur?

    bye for now
    from Samuel in B4

  2. Dear E7
    The volcano is adorable. It's like a real one. I love your display. What I love most is the volcano, because the top is amazing. The ferns are lovely.
    it reminds me I was in B5, we watched a video about dinosaurs.
    How did you do the volcano?

    your pal

  3. Dear E7
    The volcano part was amazing. Do you know, volcanoes are dangerous? There is lava in volcanoes.

    from Ryan

  4. Dear E7
    I like dinosaurs. Did you know the biggest dinosaur was a meat-eater? I have an encyclopaedia. It is about dinosaurs.

    from Bobby

  5. Dear E7
    The posters about dinosaurs look amazing, because I like dinosaurs. It reminded me of when I saw a live lizard in a glass cage at a zoo.
    I like T-Rexs the most.
    Did you know that the biggest dinosaur was brachiosaurus, but when it was scared it hid its head in the water, and it lived there.
    What plants did the plant dinosaurs eat?

    bye for now
    Lily from B4

  6. Dear E7
    Your poster is amazing, and also, a dinosaur is a lizard. My favourite dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus-rex. I like dinosaurs.
    When did you start researching about dinosaurs?

    bye for now

  7. Dear E7
    I like your dinosaur poster, because I like dinosaurs. Crocodiles were around when dinosaurs were alive.
    My favourite dinosaur is T-Rex, because they are enormous and have sharp teeth. T-Rex have tiny arms and they eat meat.
    Leaf-eater dinosaurs have the biggest necks ever. When dinosaurs were around, there were flying dinosaurs and underwater dinosaurs.
    Did they have concrete grounds or sand grounds?

    warm wishes

  8. Dear E7
    I like dinosaurs because they are big. They eat leaves and other animals.

    from Joshua

  9. Hi E7,
    I think the dinosaur poster looks amazing because I like dinosaurs. It reminded me when I was in B5, we learned about them. The Spineosaurus is the biggest carnivore in the universe. The Spineo is King of the Dinosaurs.
    If you think the long-neck is the biggest, you are wrong.
    Do you know what is the king dinosaur?

    bye for now,

  10. Dear E7
    The dinos are amazing, because I like dinos.
    Did you know that dinosaurs have big teeth?

    your best buddy

  11. Dear E7
    I like your fossils. Did you know, my mum found a fossil as well? One time I dared my brother to find dinosaur bones. He said no. My favourite dinosaur is a T-Rex.
    What is yours?

    your blogging buddy

  12. Dear Room 7
    I like your dinosaur post because it reminds me of when me and Samuel found a lizard in Dunedin and we found a barrow. Dad tried to make Samuel go in it.

    from Rebecca

  13. Dear E7
    I like your dinos and volcano. I also like your dino poster, your video and your dino roar.
    It reminds me of when I was in b5 when we watched a movie about dinos and fossils.
    Do you like dinos?

    from Emmalia

  14. Dear E7
    Your post is amazing because it has lots of facts about dinosaurs. I know that lizards are a type of dinosaur that are not extinct. My favourite dinosaur is the pteradactyl because it is amazing.

    warm wishes