Thursday, 27 November 2014

Dinosaur Stomp...

Well the juniors have loved our inquiry this term into dinosaurs and fossils.  We've been stomping dinosaurs across the whole curriculum and have learnt and shared so much. Today we had a celebration of our learning and went on a Dinosaur Stomp through the Year 0 and 1 classes to see what they've been up to.

We started off in the C Block quad singing a heap of very cool dinsoaur songs.  Then made a huge long snake and trailed our way around the school.  

We were very proud to show our Dinosaur World to the other classes.  Making a model for each thing we learned about was a great idea that the children in E7 came up with earlier in the term.  The attention to detail - beaks vs teeth, claws vs stompy feet etc has been noted with every dinosaur; lumps and bumps applied to meteors; lava spewing out of the volcano.  We wrote books about our learning, and made fossils out of clay.  Dinosaur World rocks!

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