Thursday, 30 October 2014

It's a dinosaur kind of world...

After we'd come up with our wonderings about dinosaurs and fossils, we came up with a bit of a plan as a class for what we needed to learn and how we could show our learning. In Week 7, we're having a Dinosaur Stomp through all the junior classes to showcase our inquiry learning for the term.  I suspect we'll still be in the middle of it ... we looooovvvee dinosaurs!
We decided we would make a Dinosaur World.  As we learn about different dinosaurs, their habitats, lifespan and the meteor that lead to their extinction, we will present what we have learnt through books (we will write stories and make books), a display (showing facts and information) and models of the dinosaurs we have studied.  We also thought it would be great to make a meteor and a volcano, as there were were lots around when the dinosaurs were alive.  Be sure to check out our growing display in our classroom, and of course on own blog.

This week we've been learning about the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  We have read lots of book and used the internet for our research.

We watched this great little video too ...

We wrote a class book about the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  You can read all about them next time you are in our class.

Today we started making our T-Rex cardboard model for our Dinosaur World. He needs lots of paint and we need to think about how to make his teeth look sharp and scary.

We also learnt more about meteors.  Many of the children in our class are really interested in this.  We know from what we've been told and from scientific research, that it is likely the dinosaurs were killed as a result of a humongous meteor hitting earth.  We wanted to know what a meteor was, what they looked like, their size, how big the one was that hit the earth and when that happened.  We found out...

We are making our model meteor out of paper machē over the top of a big balloon.  It is lots of fun layering the paper and glue and we like making a big mess.  It's looking good and will need a few more layers yet.  Faisal has suggested we use paper circles and stick over it so it looks like holes or bumps.  Georgia said we could just paint it 'fancy' so it looks like a real meteor.  

We also made a very cool volcano today.  We wrapped black paper around a bucket and the boys chose the colours they thought would be best - red, dark green, light green and brown.  They spent a long time carefully painting all the paper and then suggested we use some red and orange shredded paper for the eruption.

Check it out - what an awesome job they did...

Our Dinosaur World is growing ...  what dinosaur will be next?
Can you see our book on T-Rex hanging on the wall?
The children painted the board last week.
We think our Dinosaur World will be very cool.
We did an experiment to see what it might have been like when the meteor hit the earth. We took a big bowl of flour and scattered some dinosaur toys around it.  Mrs P threw a tennis ball from as high as she could reach and as hard as she could, into the flour.  The flour went 'poof' everywhere.  A big cloud of flour went all over the dinosaurs and all over us sitting in a circle.  We could see a big hole in the flour where the ball had landed.... just like the crater from the meteor.  You can see ripples the flour ... the earth must have shook hard when the meteor hit.  We thought it was unlikely many dinosaurs would have survived from the impact if they lived close by, and could see how the sun got blocked afterwards.
The 'calm' before... dinosaurs grazing, stomping around the earth...

The zone of impact ... see the ripples in the flour and the huge crater?

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