Friday, 26 September 2014

Warm Fuzzy Celebration...

Yipee ... our warm fuzzy jar in E7 is filled to the brim.  After much discussion, the children decided they'd like to celebrate with a pyjama party and a pizza lunch.

The children in our class have worked so hard over Term 2 and 3 to fill the jar ... working towards individual learning goals, taking pride in and ownership of their work and being a cooperative member of our class (it’s these things they ‘earn’ warm fuzzies for).

What a nice way to end Term 3.
Funny faces on Warm Fuzzy Day!

Full to overflowing ... 
Way back in May we estimated how many warm fuzzies we
thought might be in the jar when it was full...
We grouped our warm fuzzies by colour, then skip counted in 5s.
There were 84 in total. 
Nicholas got the closest guess with 86.
We had pizza for lunch.  Even Theodore ate some!
We designed our own Warm Fuzzies

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