Monday, 22 September 2014

Super-Duper Sunflowers...

Today marked the start of our school's entry into the Great Sunflower Growing Competition 2014/15.  Each class has been given 4 sunflower seeds and a biodegradable pottle.  Today we planted the seeds and have found a spot on our windowsill where the pottle will get lots of light and air.  We have watered the seeds and because of the warm weather we've been having, we've put a bit of water in a tray so the soil will stay nice and moist.  

We will be watching the sunflowers' progress closely, predicting and measuring how tall it will grow and how big the flower might get.  Some of us think our sunflower will grow taller than us and bigger than our heads ... but then we noticed that some people have got different sized heads.  Mmmmm...

You can follow the progress of our sunflowers on our Sunflower Diary (see tabs above).


  1. Cool! I hope your sunflower grows nice and big,or should I say, super duper big!

  2. have fun planting those seeds

  3. How exciting. We are about to plant some sunflower seeds too. We might be able to compare our results to yours. I wonder how high they will grow.
    From Room 6 Clyde School