Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pirate Polly...

Each week we read a big book in class.  We love our big books and are lucky to have lots of titles to choose from.  Over the last few weeks we have been taking a close look at the characters in these stories ... what they look like, what they do, what they're like.  We have been thinking of what they remind us of, and how we can include these similes in our character writing.

This week we read Pirate Polly.  Pirate Polly is a cool, calm pirate who appears to be nice and friendly. We like her groovy outfit, her drum and her ability to make things 'vanish'.

Today we used our green thinking hats to think creatively about her different features, and what they reminded us of in real life.  Take a look ...

Then we wrote our own stories about Pirate Polly...

Pirate polly has a hat as dark as they night sky.
Her cape looks like golden treasure. 
She looks as happy as me eating icecream. 
I like Pirate Polly.  She is pretty.  Really pretty.
Pirate Polly has a jacket like red tomatoes.
She has skin like chocolate.
She has a happy face, a red face.
Pirate Polly has a jacket like the colour of a red tomato.
She has a hat like a black bear.  Her lips are like strawberries.
Pirate Polly has a barrel like the colour of a piece of chocolate.
Pirate Polly has buttons like peas.  Pirate Polly has lips like a tomato.
Pirate Polly has a top like a stripy snake.

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  1. What great illustrations and writing. We haven't read that story. We are wondering what things she makes 'vanish'?