Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wheels Wednesday...

What a fantastic morning we had today... our letter focus this week is 'Ww' and today, in recognition of  the letter 'Ww' and because it was Wednesday, we had Wheels Wednesday. Students in E6 and E7 were encouraged to bring a bike, skateboard, scooter or skates to school (and a helmet if they had one) and we set up some circuits in the courtyard outside our classroom.

We had a great time, zooming around in circles, weaving around cones and trying out one another's wheels.  Everyone was happy to share and give others a go and many got to try something new, like riding a skateboard, for the first time.  

Dehan and Jerome in their helmets, ready to ride...

For writing later this morning, we wrote about Wheels Wednesday...

 Today was Wheels Wednesday.  I had a ride on someone’s scooter. I had fun.  I liked it.  By Anvesha

Today was Wheels Wednesday.  I got to take turns on my scooter.  I had fun.  Me and Cooper took turns on each others scooters.   By Dehan

At Wheels Wednesday I brought a scooter.  I gave my scooter to Faisal.  I can jump on my scooter.  By Georgia

I didn’t have much fun today because I didn’t have my scooter.  I had a  turn on Scarlett’s scooter.  That was fun.  By Alex

On Wheels Wednesday I did bike and scooter riding.  It was fun.  My favourite thing was balancing on the skateboard.  By Ollie

At Wheels Wednesday I went so fast.  It felt like I was going into the wall.  It was so fun.   By Sophia

On Wheels Wednesday I got on Dehan’s scooter.  I had a lot of fun.  Then we had a photo.  By Cooper

I went on my scooter.  It was fun.  I think it was cool.  By Jerome

Wheels Wednesday was today. I liked it.  I rode my scooter, it was really fun.  By Kaydi

Today was Wheels Wednesday.  I rode my scooter.  When I rode my scooter I crashed into Mrs Pescini!  By Violet

Wheels Wednesday is fun.  I had my helmet and my scooter.  I can scooter.  By Mohit

Today was Wheels Wednesday.  I had so much fun on my bike.  It was fun.  By Luka

On Wheels Wednesday I got to go on Georgia’s scooter.  It was fun.  It was pink.  By Faisal

Today was Wheels Wednesday.  I brought my scooter.  It was fun.  By Peter

Today I rode Kaydi’s scooter because it was Wheels Wednesday.  It was so much fun.  I also rode Anvesha’s scooter too.  By Scarlett 

What a great morning and special to share it with our friends in E6 too.  
Yay ... we hope we might have another Wheels Wednesday some time...


  1. Hi E7
    evre wednesday we have wels wednesday to.
    from Niamh

    1. We would love to have Wheels Wednesday every week but we don't because we are a really big school and there would be too many kids on wheels. We loved doing it as a special occasion though.
      From E7

  2. Hi E7 I love the wheels Wednesday photos.We have wheels Wednesday too. What sort of things do you bring that have wheels. from Amelie

    1. Do you have Wheels Wednesday every week? We did it for something special since we are learning the letter Ww this week.
      We brought along scooters, bikes, skateboards and skates.
      From E7.

  3. Hi E7.I love your pichirs!.We love scotering too.What games do you play on them?
    from Zavier

    1. Hi Zavier,
      Mohit likes to play racing with his friend on their scooters. He is a little bit fast.
      Anvesha plays tag on her scooter with her friends. They go on their scooters too. It is fun.
      Ollie plays a game where he makes letter shapes while he rides around on his scooter.
      Lots of us are learning to do jumps on our scooters. That is a fun game to play too.
      From E7