Wednesday, 20 August 2014

International Language Week...

This week is International Language Week and we're also celebrating our school value of Diversity.  Over the year we've been learning to say hello in the different languages we speak in E7.  This week we've been using all of these (and more) to call the roll and greet one another...

Samoan:  Talofa (hello), Tofa (goodbye)
Cook Islands: Kia orana (hello/goodbye)
Telugu: Namaskaram (hello), Velli vasthanu (goodbye to 1), Velli vasthamu (goodbye to more)
Somali:  Salam alaikum (hello/goodbye)
Chinese: Ni hao (hello) Zai jian (goodbye), Xie Xie (thank you)
Sinhalese: Ayubowan (hello/goodbye)
Greek: Kali mera (good morning), Yia sou (hello/goodbye)
Cantonese: Nei hou mah (hello), Joi gin/Baai baai (goodbye)

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