Tuesday, 5 August 2014

An Invitation...

Today Mrs Pescini was told about a very special upcoming event at Eastern Hutt ... a musical performance for the newest class opening up mid-term.  

Our class was very excited to read the invitation, but then we realised it also posed a big problem.  Each junior class will be performing in the concert, but we do not have anywhere near enough musical instruments for every child, from every class, to practice or perform. 

We put on our green hats (our 'creative thinking' hat) and thought of the different ways we could help solve this problem.  

Anvesha suggested we could ask grown ups for the instruments, Jerome thought we could bring instruments from home, Georgia thought that the children could buy their own with money from their piggy banks.  Sophia and Ollie suggested we could use our bodies as musical instruments ... like patting our legs, clicking fingers, clapping hands.  We also thought we could make some instruments. As a class we decided that this would be the best idea - using our bodies and making some.  We could recycle materials and it would ensure there was enough for everyone in our class, including Mrs P and it wouldn't cost very much (if anything at all) to make them.

So we know we are going to make instruments.  But how? What do we need to know?  So much to think about ...

Dehan said we will need to learn about sound.  Violet said we need to know how to make instruments and Alex said we need to know what we need to make them.  

The concert is in week 10, and we have decided we'd need instruments by at least week 8 so we have time to make and practice a special piece of music that is unique to our super-duper class.  Watch this space and follow our inquiry journey as we learn about sound and music over the next several weeks ...  

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  1. Dear E7
    What great thinking you were doing with your thinking hats on. I think the solutions of using your bodies, and making some instruments, were very clever ideas!
    Maybe you will make some instruments that you bang and shake - they are called percussion instruments.
    Or maybe you will make some simple instruments that you can blow into - they are called wind instruments.

    Which part of your body can you make the loudest sound with?

    I can't wait to read about your concert in week 10.
    best wishes
    Mrs McKenzie in B4