Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Queen's Post...

Can you remember when we sent a letter and some stories to Her Majesty the Queen recently?  Well...

We got a letter from the Queen.  She wrote to us and sent us some information about her pets.  We found out her dog's names.

The Queen's letter states that the names of the dogs she has had over the years include: Myth, Fable, Kelpie, Pharos, Flora, Swift, Emma, Linnet, Rush, Minnie, Monty, Harris, Brandy, Willow and Holly.

According to Wikipedia, "The names of the corgis which the Queen currently has are: Emma, Linnet, Holly and Willow. Her Majesty also has three dorgis by the names of Brandy, Cider and Berry. The Queen also looks after the corgis of the late Queen Mother and their names are: Rush, Minnie and Monty".

A dorgi is a cross between a dashund and a corgi.

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