Friday, 27 June 2014

Matariki ...

This week we have been celebrating Matariki at school.   

Matariki is our Aotearoa Pacific New Year. It takes its name from the seven star constellation which reappears over the horizon in late May. In Western astronomy this constellation is called The Pleiades. 

As well as marking the start of a new year, Matariki also signals other new beginnings.

We read the book "Matariki" by Waitangi Teepa and found out how people celebrate Matariki.  
We also watched a couple of the many clips on YouTube portraying the different stories about Matariki.
This one tells the story of the Seven Stars of Matariki...

This one tells the Māori legend of how the seven stars of Matariki came to be...
Traditionally, Matariki was the time to plant trees, prepare the land for planting crops and renew associations with whānau. The New Year is also a good time to reflect on your place in the world, to re-awaken old skills or try out new ones, and to set new goals.
Matariki is a time for making things.  This week we made a class korowāi.  A korowāi is a Māori cloak, woven with feathers.  We looked at different examples of traditional korowāi on the internet, and then made our own out of paper. 
First we used pastels to make vivid patterns and blocks of colour on our feathers, then we carefully cut them out.  Mrs Pescini helped to assemble them so that they made a cloak. We are very proud of our korowāi.  It is displayed on our classroom wall.

We also wrote stories about Matariki. Here are a few for you to enjoy.

At Matariki I am going to fly my kite. It is going to be fun.  ~ By Luka
At Matariki people follow the stars to get home.  There are seven stars.  ~ By Georgia
Matariki is stars. We can see some stars.  I like stars.  ~ By Dehan
Matariki is a time to make kites. You can grow cabbages or crops too.  ~ By Violet
Matariki is a time for flying kites. They fly really high up in the sky.  ~ By Tanishka
At Matariki people do fantastic stories. They have stars in the Matariki.  ~ By Sophia

Click here to listen to a beautiful waiata about Matariki.

Ngā Tamariki O Matariki
Waiti    Waita    Waipunarangi
Tupuanuku  Tupuarangi   Ururangi e
Koinei  ngā tamariki o Matariki      

(These are the children of Matariki)
Ngā whetū e pīataata i te rangi e   

(The bright stars that shine in the sky)
Ngā whetū e pīataata i te rangi e   

(The bright stars that shine in the sky)

Today for discovery, we continued to celebrate Matariki.  We have learnt that Matariki is a time for sharing, making things, watching the stars, preparing and sharing kai (food) and today we had a fabulous time doing all of these things...

Paper weaving...
Making tiki...
Patterns ... over, under, black, orange ...
More tiki...
Star fairy bread ... yummy kai
Ngā mihi o te Tau Hou (happy New Year) 

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