Friday, 23 May 2014

How Plants Drink ...

In our learning about plants this week, we found out that plants absorb nutrients and moisture through their stems.

We were all quite intrigued with the experiment at the end of this clip.  We just happened to have some flowers in our classroom that we've been enjoying from our Mummy & Me morning, so we thought we'd give it a go ourselves.

We took the white flower and trimmed the stem.  We placed it into a jar with blue dye and water.

Before lunch we checked to see if there was any changes.  The end of the petals had started to go blue and streaky.  Most of us weren't sure if the flowers would get any bluer.

At the end of the day we were surprised to see how blue the flowers had gone.  We will check them again after the weekend.

The flower drank the coloured water and as the water traveled up the stem and into the petals, it carried the blue dye with it. As the blue dye reached the petals, they have taken on the colour of the water.

We have worked out what is happening, but have not worked out what this means for us with the plants we have planted in our garden.  We'll be talking about this during the week, and will update this post to let you know what we think.  In science, this is called 'making conclusions'.  I wonder what we will conclude?


  1. Dear E7
    That experiment looks amazing! We were surprised to see how blue the flower petals turned!

    We really like the word 'absorb'. The flowers absorbed the food colouring and water.

    What experiment will you do next?

    from B4

    1. Thank you for your comment B4. As we're learning all about plants, bugs and insects at the moment we are thinking we'd like to make a 'bug habitat'. Check in later this week to see what we come up with!