Monday, 24 March 2014

Our First School Trip...

On Friday we went on a bus.  By Georgia.
On Friday our class went on our very first school trip.  

Everyone was very excited as we got onto the big purple bus...
On Friday we went on a bus to Petone Beach. By Faisal.
We visited the Settlers Museum on the Petone Beach.  Lara, Dilly, Amy (parents) and Mrs Gwilliam came with us on our trip.
On Friday I went to the beach with my Mum.  By Kaydi.
We were met by Jolie, from the Settlers Museum and she took us into the foyer of the museum for story time.  We heard about the early Maori settlers who came from the far north to Petone in the 1800's.  It was very interesting.  The pictures around the foyer tell the same story...

 Then we got to have a look around inside at all the wonderful displays and interesting artifacts...

Jolie told us a Maori myth about Ranginui (the sky father) and Papatūānuku (the earth mother).  You can read more about it here

We heard a third story about the Taniwha of Wellington Harbour - Ngake and Whaitaitai.  Nicholas, Kaydi and Rory helped act out the parts of the taniwha and Matiu (Sommes) Island.  The rest of us got to be the land and the sea.  It was lots of fun.

Afterwards we went outside and made sand sculptures of the island and taniwha.  Some of us also wrote our names in the sand near our projects.  

On Friday I went on Petone Beach.  By Mohit.
On Friday we went to Petone Beach.  By Jerome.
On Friday we to the beach.  We had fun.  By Violet. 
On Friday we went to look at the beach.  By Ollie
On Friday we went to the Petone Beach.  By Tanishka.
On Friday we went on the sand.  By Dehan.
On Friday we went to Petone Beach.  By Anvesha. 
On Friday we went on Petone Beach.  By Nicholas.
On Friday I made islands.  By Alex.
On Friday we went to Petone Beach.  By Cooper. 
On Friday we went to Petone Beach.  By Peter. 
On Friday I made a taniwha.  By Rory.

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