Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lunch Boxes ...

What a great day E7 had with Mrs Walshe today reading the book Lunch Boxes by Feana Tu'akoi.

Everybody got their lunch boxes out of their school bags and retold the story, making a huge tower of lunch boxes in the centre of the classroom.  We got all the way to 15 before the tower of lunch boxes collapsed, just like in the story ... "Look Out".
Carefully balancing lunch boxes one at a time... 
"Look Out"
Then we talked about colours and wrote stories about our different coloured lunch boxes. After lunch (and emptying our lunch boxes) we sorted our lunch boxes into colours. We lined them up in rows on the floor and compared how many we had of each colour.  

We found out that in our class, pink was the most popular color and red was the least popular.  We have started talking about ways we can present information like this and today we did a pictograph (like a bar graph but with pictures) for our findings.  It was quite tricky but we stuck at it and were very proud of our efforts.  

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  1. Dear super duper E7
    I like all your lunchboxes.It was funny when all the lunchboxes fell down!
    It looks like it was too tall for you.

    From Caleb.