Wednesday, 12 March 2014

E7 Green Fingers...

At Eastern Hutt School we are really lucky that every class has a garden.  What we grow in the garden and it's care and maintenance, is up to the class.  This is our garden...

Over the last week we have been looking at books, watching clips on the internet and talking about gardening and plants.  We have made a class 'wish list' for what we'd like to have growing in our garden. Many children want plants we can eat, some want a pretty garden with flowers that smell nice and attract butterflies. There are some strawberry plants remaining in the garden from the class who had it last year.  We think we might be able to salvage the strawberries so we'll left them in place, and plant our garden around them.


We have also discussed what plants need to thrive.  We sang the 'Needs of a Plant' song, and identified 5 requirements: air, space, light, soil and water.   Have a listen to the song:

We talked about our wishlist versus the actual size of our garden and decided as a group to limit how much we decided to grow in it, after all ... plants need space.  We also discussed what sort of things grow in a garden.

Last Friday some of the children from E6 and E7 painted a bird bath that Mrs Pescini recycled from her own garden.  We used outside paint so it will stay on when it rains.  We are going to put the bird bath in the middle garden, which belong to both of our classes.

Today the children in our classroom planted some watercress seeds.  We want to see what happens when plants grow from seeds.  Watercress should only take about 6 days to start sprouting, so we do not have to wait very long.  We scooped soil into a seedling pot and pressed it down with our fingers.  Then we wrote our names on a wooden stick and poked it into the dirt (so we know what plant belong to who).  We sprinkled the watercress seeds on top of the soil and then watered them with a water spray bottle.  Mrs Pescini wet some newsprint and we put that over the top.  The plants are on our bench in a sunny (but not over-exposed so they won't dry out) spot.  We are all very excited about seeing the seeds sprout...

For writing today, we did shared writing to construct a blog post together:

We have a class garden.  We have been learning about plants.  Today we planted seeds.
Be sure to check out our gardening corner next time you're in our class, and keep an eye on the garden (just outside E7) over the next few weeks as we start to plant.


  1. Dear Super Duper e7
    I will hope you will have a good day at school. You don't know who this is. My name is Ashantay. I come to Reefton Area school. I am in b4 classroom. How old are you at school.

    from Ashantay

  2. Hello Ashantay. We are all 5 years old in E7. Some of us will turn 6 just before the Christmas holidays later this year. Thank you for making a comment on our blog :)