Friday, 28 February 2014

Maths in E7...

In E7 we integrate maths into our programme wherever possible... every morning we start the day with our calendar, working out the day of the week (in English and Te Reo Māori), the month and the date, followed by how many days we've been at school (we celebrate with a special party when we get to 100); we're often counting as we go - people, things... we make patterns, groups ... all the time developing our number knowledge and strategies and fostering our love of mathematics!

We have some favourite songs that help us recognise our numbers  ...

This week we focused on the number 4 ...

We've also been talking about 'teen' numbers, as we've now been at school for 19 days.  Teen numbers are made up of 1 group of 10, and then some extra ones. For instance, 19 is a group of 10 and 9 extra ones.  To help us understand place value of numbers we count the days we've been at school every day using sticks sorted into 3 cups (ones, tens, hundreds) - tracking as we go and then celebrating when we reach that magic 100.

Today we got to use the school iPads for the first time and explore the different maths apps.  There are some links to these on our class blog - check them out. We had so much fun.  Many of us have used iPads at home before. 


  1. Dear E7
    We like your songs. People like the big number song so much that we want to put it on our numeracy page on our blog!
    We've been learning number pairs for 5, 10 and 20.

    What is your favourite number?
    Lily's is one trillion because she likes big numbers.
    Bobby's is 10.
    Reagan's is 1,000 because she uses it a lot.
    Flynn is a million trillion because it sounds cool!
    Jamie's is 2 because there are good movies on TV2.
    Liv's is 7 because she is 7.
    Ashantay's is 6 because she is turning 6 this week.

    bye for now
    Mrs McKenzie and B4

    1. Hello Mrs McKenzie and B4. We really like the big numbers song. We think it is great that we can count all the way to 1 trillion! It is such a BIG number. Just imagine counting a million trillion counters, Flynn! We wonder how long it might take?
      We are all 5 years old in our classroom. Lots of us like 100 because we will have a 100 Days at School party when we reach it!
      Bye. From E7