Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Jolly Phonics...

What is Jolly Phonics?
Every Monday-Thursday morning, we start our literacy learning with singing the Jolly Phonics song, displaying it on the large screen in front of the class.  Our Jolly Phonics song is a multisensory way of teaching the different sounds of letters.  Children learn the name and sound of the letter (for instance ‘a’, as in ‘ant’).  Each sound has an action which helps children remember the letter(s) that represent it.

When children are reading and writing, they might refer back to the action, rhyme, letter sound and name, as a strategy.  As their confidence grows and their literacy knowledge expands, the actions may no longer be needed.

If you would like to hear and see Jolly Phonics for yourself, you can watch it here:


Today for writing, E7 wrote a story about Jolly Phonics.  We wrote down the sounds in words, using Jolly Phonics to help us and also used our letter cards and words on the walls to help us ...

'Jole fonx is sogs and acsns for our citing.'

           Jolly Phonics is songs and actions for our [reading and] writing.

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