Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The end of the year is nigh ...

Well hasn't this year flown by ... tomorrow is our last day together for the year.

We celebrated today with a party with our friends in E6. We have certainly made lots of friends across Year 0/1 who will we remain friends with as we move to Year 2. 

Mrs Graham (E6) and Mrs Pescini (E7)
Check out these pics of us enjoying our special day today...

We loved watching Frozen.  Many of us know all the words!
Decorations featuring the special Christmas tree we made from our handprints...
Shared lunch...
We ate our special lunch together outside in the porch...
Fairy lights, balloons, a disco light ... dance time!

Thank you to all our friends, family and followers this year.  We have enjoyed sharing our learning with you through our blog and will continue to do so in our new classes next year.

Enjoy your school holidays and the festive season.


Mrs Pescini and Super-Duper E7

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Pack the Bus (when Santa came to town) ...

Today we were thrilled to have the Pack The Bus team visit Eastern Hutt School. Each year The Breeze radio station and The Wellington City Mission pack a Go Wellington Bus for The Wellington City Mission's Christmas Appeal full of Christmas food, toys and gifts for families who have been working hard to improve their quality of life throughout the year.

Many families in our school community donated items and we 'packed that bus' full. Well done Eastern Hutt School.

Along with Santa and the special helpers from The Breeze and The Wellington City Mission, we sang some happy Christmas songs.

Santa's arrival...
Nearly the whole school gathered to greet Santa and his helpers, and pack the bus...
E7 enjoyed the entertainment...

The jolly fella himself... 
We got to meet Santa up close!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dragons! Dragons! Dragons!

We've had fun learning about the 'dr' blend this week.  We've been reading a very cool poem about dragons...

And we just love the story of four fiery dragons that all have names that start with 'D' in Dragons!  Dragons! Dragons!

Today we watched a very cool little clip online about dragons:

Followed by writing about our very own pet dragons (we don't really have pet dragons, but many of us would like one)...

This is my pet dragon.  It's name is Daisy.  Daisy can fit in a school bag and she has a love heart on her.  She has a ribbon on her hat.  She can fly.  Her favourite food is mandarins.  She loves sleeping in my mum's bed! She can jump over a house.  I got a ride on it and sometimes she is invisible.  I love my pet dragon.  
~ By Georgia

This is my dragon.  She has sparkles on her.  When she flies she has wings.  When she stops, her wings go away!  Her name is Katie.  Her other name is KitKat.  My dragon is cute.  I love her.
~ By Scarlett

This is my pet dragon.  It's name is Ken Prshjon.  It can fly and it can walk fast. It's favourite food is Santa!  It can run faster than a T-Rex.  It lives in a dragon house.  I like my pet dragon.
~ By Mohit

This is my pet dragon.  His name is Toothless.  He is magic.  I love him.  He has sharp teeth.
~ By Ollie

This is my pet dragon.  He has some spikes on his back and head.  His spikes are sparkly.  His name is Domey.  His wings are huge.  He looks like a bee.  He lives in my garage.  I like my pet dragon because he has babies!
~ By Sophia

This is my pet dragon.  It's name is Jack.  It breathes out three different things which are fire, ice and arrows.  He is little.  He lives in my shoe.  He's the coolest in the world.  He is cool.  He eats fish.
~ By Rory

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Dinosaur Stomp...

Well the juniors have loved our inquiry this term into dinosaurs and fossils.  We've been stomping dinosaurs across the whole curriculum and have learnt and shared so much. Today we had a celebration of our learning and went on a Dinosaur Stomp through the Year 0 and 1 classes to see what they've been up to.

We started off in the C Block quad singing a heap of very cool dinsoaur songs.  Then made a huge long snake and trailed our way around the school.  

We were very proud to show our Dinosaur World to the other classes.  Making a model for each thing we learned about was a great idea that the children in E7 came up with earlier in the term.  The attention to detail - beaks vs teeth, claws vs stompy feet etc has been noted with every dinosaur; lumps and bumps applied to meteors; lava spewing out of the volcano.  We wrote books about our learning, and made fossils out of clay.  Dinosaur World rocks!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Swimming Fun...

We had so much fun in the sun today with our friends in E6 for our first swimming session.  It's been several months since we last swam in our pool.  We were reminded how to safely enter and exit the pool, turning at the top of the steps and using the handrail; we made a humongous whirlpool by running around in a huge circle; we did animal jumps across the pool - going in and under and getting very splashy.  We can't wait to go again.

Parent/Caregiver reminder: E7's swimming days are Tuesday and Friday each week until the end of term.  Swimming is part of our school curriculum and all children should participate unless they are unwell.  Please make sure your child brings their togs, towel, goggles & swim hat (if required) to school in a named plastic bag, each of these days - regardless of the weather.  The weather is quite changeable at the moment and may start off awful, but become beautiful - just like today!  The teachers will make a judgement prior to the session about whether the weather is suitable and whether the pool temperature is okay (today it was lovely and warm)...